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ECO carpets made from natural fiber

Our natural fiber carpets have antistatic propreties.Made out of sisal,wool,seegras,bambus or paper they are verry practical and elegant at the same time

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It's a real pleasure to work with this type of material.It's endurance to tropycal melting temperatures and to polar chilling ones gives this material a better resistance in time.
A carpet made from paper???That sounds a little bit unusual.It's not only it's resistance to water or fire that makes the paper carpet a best-seller,its beauty an design makes you want to have it at your feet
The wool carpets heve a warm effect on your floor and are easy to maintain beacause the natural wool fibers are a good enemy of stains and dirt.Yoou'll want to have a wool carpet in your home!
The brute sisal fiber are 60-100 cm long an they come out white.They're easy to colour and they have a resistance that can prove to be almost indestructible.

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