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     RMC Rupea Manufacturing Company was founded in June 2000, and its object of activity is "textile finishing services, natural fibers carpet production".
Being a pertner of "DeKoWe" from Germany,RMC had the advantage of a partner with a 125 years tradition in manufacturing natural fiber carpets(Sisal, Kokos, Seegras, Bambus and Paper); using the Know-How of DeKoWe.
The idea of making this company in Rupea, Brasov, had a strong social character, like creating jobs for the girls from Rupea's "Orphanage" and also for women in Rupea and from the entire area.We started with a number of 7 (seven) persons, permanently growing, offering activity to a number of 65 and up to 104 persons.

     The big clients that benefit of our antialergic and high-quality products are :
International: Aro; XXL Lutz; IKEA; Tschibo; Mobelmann; Max Bahr; ERTW
iar Romania: Mobexpert; Ambient; Dedeman; Ax Perpetuum; Genius Design and individual clients

     The evolution of the company made posible the production of other types of textiles,like "Working equipment" destined for Hospitals and in the food industry. Our clients are companies from Germany, Belgium and Netherlands

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